A young virgin raped by a man whose brain is in between his thighs…she becomes wounded and react and see all men as beast; thus ending up lonely and sad. Until she’s healed of this wound, she can never love and be loved.

…a child who grew up with abusive parents,parents who fight each other, shout and beat the children at slightest provocation…this child becomes wounded and sees drama n choas as a normal state of mind. Such a child will create choas and drama where there’s none; as it is like oxygen to them. Causing pain to others without remorse .

…it is said that broken home produces broken children but I tell you the truth- broken homes produces wounded children. This children will never trust any one and until they are healed of this wound ,they won’t be able to sustain relationships, even in marriages.

…a child that has been verbally abused and talked down at becomes wounded and loses self confidence and self image; withdrawing self into solitary- hurting self and others who loves them.

…people who have long waited for a particular thing they have so desired and it seems not to be coming as they desire become wounded n begin to envy others who are so blessed and become threatened by such. Until they get healed, they might never be able to take delivery of God’s blessings.


This wound is beyond physical lacerations or an injury that is caused when a knife, bullet etc., cuts or breaks the skin. It is much more deeper-
It is a feeling of sadness, anger, etc., that is caused by something bad that has happened to you. It is a mental or emotional hurt that troubles the mind, leaving you emotionally bankrupt, a societal misfit, a trouble shooter n a loner!

This is a wounded heart that is hurting and causes others pain. People who are wounded, react to and treat people in equal proportion to the pain they feel within.

Only true love can heal this wound without a scar.
This true love is God.
God is the healer.
For you to know,have and walk with this God, you must get digging deep into his words (the Holy Bible).
Deep in there, you will find words as balm, balms with inscription such as…
…I am the Lord that healeth thee…
…is there no balm in Gilead?…
…by His stripes you are healed…
…I will restore health unto you and heal thy wounds…and so many more!

Get digging, get healed and begin to live life as ordained by God!
Be happy! Make the world around you a happy one.

The wounded is now healed!

Jesus heals!


#this write up is inspired by Rev. Peter Momoh…


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