Sex, Marriage and Divorce!

Hello friends!

So today I decided to delve into this sensational topic.
You know what?…let me start by saying I love sex! and that one of my biggest ambition was to marry early enough and be a husband (hmmm! don’t ask why). But divorce was never a word I love to hear ‘cos of d pain I have seen it caused my dear friends…but interestingly, I discovered these three words may be necessary for every individual who falls into the category of what ‘am about to discuss below.

We have discovered from the holy scripture that sex is designed for marriage (Heb 13:4). I have heard a minister say there’s nothing spiritual about sex but I strongly believe that sex is sacred n a blood covenant!
Are you asking what makes it a blood covenant? Gen.2:24 indicated that a man shall cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh…no man and his wife becomes one flesh until their union is consumated on the bed!
The act of love making is purely of the flesh but the depth of it is in the spiritual exchange of spirits that births oneness!
No wonder, even fetish people use sex as a powerful tool either to unite a course or break a charm.
So, you see-sex is beyond the flesh, it is spiritual!

So, each time you have sexual inter course with someone else, there’s a blood covenant that unite both of you as one in the realm of the spirit; thus you’re considered married in the realm of the spirit (even when you’re not legally married).

Thus, if you have slept with 10 persons -you have 10 husbands/ wife spiritually (ouch!!!). To add to that, you must have shared and exchanged certain negative spirits such as lying spirits, spirit of whoredom, spirit of anger etc…that is to say you have multiple spirits operating in you.
This brings us to the need for divorce.
Did I say divorce?!
Well, this divorce I am talking about is not for those who are legally married ooo.
God hates divorce ooo(Matt. 19:6)!
I hate divorce too!!
But you see; if you have had or you are having sex outside marriage, then you are married spiritually to those sex partners and have a lot of crazy spirits operating in you- I say you need a divorce from those spiritual partners and spirits!!! O yeah!!!
So! What are you waiting for?!
File a divorce letter!
….but hold on. You can’t do this in the energy of the flesh.
First, acknowledge that you have sinned (Rom. 3:23).
Secondly, confess your sin (1 John 1:9).
Then, seperate your self from your sex partners (2 Tim 2:21).
Lastly, ask the Holy spirit to help you stay clean (Eph. 3:16,Rom. 6:14).
Well! Well!! Well!!!
Having premarital SEX gets you spiritually MARRIED and that’s why you need a DIVORCE!!


Why not just chill and enjoy the act of lovemaking in marriage rather than those quickies with bonanzas of spirit husbands, Sti’s, unplanned pregnancy and so on…
Jesus is Lord!


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