… so lonely!

Back then in college, we sang this song to bid farewell to some graduating seniors.

I can’t quite remember the song but…some part of it still echo in my mind. So here it goes.

Can the picture do, can the picture say, can the picture do what senior can do for me? No! No!!… No! No!!…

And today, I lay in bed feeling so lonely staring at your pictures…

Pictures of you, smiling at me

Pictures of you in my warm embrace

Pictures of beautiful and blissful moment we shared

I even saw a shot I took of you, while you were cooking in the kitchen

Initially, I smiled back, felt warmth and at some point, had a good laugh just watch those pictures!

It seems they tickled me just the way you do when you are around…It felt so good!

But it’s been days now since you left

Days. …Now weeks!

The pictures now don’t make me smile, they no longer give warmth neither do they tickle me anymore!

As the day goes by, your absence makes me so lonely and I hear the echoes of that song from my college days louder in my mind

Can the picture do what ma belle femme can do for me?

Can the picture say what Ma chérie can say to me?

Can the picture cook what Mon amour can cook for me?

Can the picture sing those sweet love songs Mon coeur sings for me?

Can the picture hug and give warmth the way Mon ange does?

No! No!!… No! No!!…

O! Mon trésor! How much longer will you be away?

Return please and fill this void…

I’m so so lonely without you here.

So lonely!

A Special dedication to all lovers living apart.

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