The major crisis in the world today is not terrorism, corruption, moral decadence and so on. The major crisis in the world today is relationship crisis: “intra personal relationship”.


Let’s simply say it is the relationship with your self.

Self intelligence is a key factor in building intra-personal relationship skill.

How well you relate with yourself determines how well you relate with others. So, if live peaceably well with yourself, then you have peace round about you.

There’s nothing as beautiful as a crisis free life. It’s just as the saying goes – charity begins at home, so the need to be build a sound intra personal relationship.

To be certain if you have a good personal relationship, then you must positively answer the following questions :

  • Who am I?… If you don’t know your identity, then you are a destitute (a societal menace).
  • What am I here for?… If you don’t know your God ordained assignment, then you can be assigned to evil vices by d devil.
  • Do I love myself?… If you don’t love yourself, no one will love and you won’t be able to love too(a major crisis source-the hate factor )
  • Do I have a low or high self esteem?… How others see and treat you is a function of how you see and treat your self.
  • Do I know exactly my likes and dislikes
  • How well do I manage crisis?

If you can’t tackle personal life challenges positively, then you will make a lot of enemies from without. Your self intelligence will grant you beautiful relationship with your self and others, thereby giving you rest round about. So, fall in love with yourself, be unique, uphold your self worth and have a good attitude towards yourself, others and God.

Live in peace with all men.


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